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Go Vote! Make A Difference

Dom Ellis Go Vote! Make A Difference

The 2016 Presidential Election is fast approaching and it’s getting down to the wire. If you are not registered to vote the time is now. It’s super easy if your are 18+, have an address in the state you want to vote in, a U.S Citizen and are mentally sane you can vote online, in-person , or via snail mail by October 24th (check the deadlines for your state).

Voting day is November 8th from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. so have your mind made up by then. Bring your I.D. or Driver’s License and as long as you line up by 8 p.m. you are legally allowed to vote.

This election is more about speaking out against the tyrannical elitist thinking that still exist in this world than it is anything else. Use your voice and your vote to make a wave in the world. We are the future and what Clinton and Trump could become our reality. Let’s choose wisely.

Albeit our overall success ultimately lies in our own hands it would be in our best interest to decide who will have , to some extent , political power over our fiscal futures. According to 270toWin the early polls shows Hilary is up 200 to Trump’s 163 electoral votes.

Do your due diligence and make the informed decision. Here are the tools to help you register and vote, find where to vote go make a difference.

(Links are all for California but with the simple tweak of the url and you’re locked in to your state.)

Register To Vote Here:

Register In-Person at the DMV (blah) :

Requirements and additional Registration info:


Vote Early at your County Elections Office:

Find out where to vote near you:


The First Debate:

The Second Debate:


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