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Lead with ya heART

by Dom Ellis

If I learned anything from being caged up in my apartment during quarantine is that art has the power to heal. Particularly digital art : music, movies, magazines and now fashion were the only things keeping us sane and interconnected for the initial phases of quarantine. Even during the most trying times the creatives found a way to crack the code; from Squid Games to Louis Vuitton Menswear collections a lot of us were locked in attention wise. Possibly more than ever, focused on the intricate details. It seemed like during that time, still more, the minute details held immense weight. New storylines unfolded and the masses consumed.

Now is a great time to show off one's art because people are open to seeing, hearing, feeling again. That ‘back tf up’ stage is over and a great sense of what is next is in the air. The speed and intensity at which people are consuming good media, now, is the perfect time to insert your ideas. People are hungry for art! It held us down during our toughest time, imagine what it can do in a thriving society.

The Covid restrictions are slowly being lifted and we outside! I am excited to see what the next stage of the culture is. It seems to be continuing on the path of community and consciousness.

On a social tip, I can not wait to see Los Angeles thrive again! I miss the coffee meetings and supper clubs. I miss seeing people's faces! WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE? I want to chill with colleagues and go to comedy shows without someone in the group being rightfully paranoid.

Here are a few photos from my last #35mm film drop!


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