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I Had An Epiphany While Listening To Migos

Paying Off Karmic Debt According to Offset

Migos With The Bands

Karmic Debt is one of those things people either religiously believe or completely ignore. Karmic Debt is the Eastern belief that throughout many lives you will be burdened by the same circumstances until you realize, face, and repay your debt to society by giving your gifts to the universe to enjoy.

In the wise words of Offset 'I was born to be what I'm going to be'. Offset's line off Migo's 'Too Hotty' sums up Karmic debt perfectly. He is one example of taking the lemons of life and making hella lemonade. Throughout the song he drops gems on repaying Karmic Debt! Here they are:

Father God Father God I Just Wanna Live Life Lamborghini Loud Pipes Remember All The Trial Nights

Ever been so down and out that you dropped to your knees and begged God for guidance? That is the epitome of hip-hop and karmic debt. At some point on this journey you take a good look at yourself and your surroundings and sometimes you hate the position you're in. You get so disgusted that you decide to make a change.

Coming face to face with your karma can either break you down or force you to go all in on life. The weak fold and the strong give 100% to the solution of their 'problem', and that is a great way to begin repaying your debt to the universe.

Later in the verse Offset proclaims "where my money lil nigga, demand it". That's his manifesto to turn those quiet nights into loud Lambo pipes.

I Was Born To Be What I'm Going To Be

Back to this fire ass line by Offset...notice he didn't say I'm going to be what I was born to be, he put it in reverse which encapsulates the idea of Karmic Debt. You were born to be great but it's up to you to fulfill your destiny. Offset basically states that he's faced his fears, met his destiny and now he's living a life no one could have predicted on his own terms.

This is probably the most difficult step in realizing your goals because there are a lot of haters out there. You listen to your mom dad and teachers and they just want you to be in this safe little bubble. Fuck that, if your life and karma is telling you to take a chance be a rapper, or photographer, hell even IG booty model, give it a try. Pay your debt to the Universe by grabbing your fears by the cajones. If all else fails UPS is always hiring.

I Ain't Going Out Sad For Her, Learned My Lesson With The Last Whore

Mother nature only asks that you give your all (especially) when the chips fall and that you do it with grace and dignity. You can't go out sad every time shit hits the fan. Realize you're making payments to the universe when you're giving your all and remaining patient.

On a side note Offset wifed Cardi B, he's probably been through some relationship BS in the past. Now that he's got his chance at redemption he's going all in! Take a note from Offset's playbook realize your destiny and go at it with all you have.



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