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Write it down: The Power of Scribbling Your Goals and Progress

Every year around my birthday I write out a list of goals for the year. I think big and include everything from health, social and career goals to things I want to buy and trips I want to take. As the year winds down, I am either in an euphoric state because I have checked off most of my goals or I am full of anxiety because there are not many check marks of validation.

A rare glimpse into one of my notebooks. On the inside cover I make a collage or vision board. It usually sets the tone and vibe for the goal list. It puts me into a mind frame and acts as an anchoring inspirational beacon to glimpse at when I need guidance.

In times that I am not on track to fulfill my goal list I take a gander inside of my notebook to see what the heck may have went wrong. I look for small to do list to see how I broke my goals down into smaller goals and to see if I followed through with tasks. I look at drawings and read passages to see how my mood or outlook was during a certain period. All of that combined usually paints the picture of my productivity and allows me to make adjustments for the next list.

Writing down your goals and dreams can be a daunting process but I take the time to do it every year because regret sucks! I want to do everything I dream about because well, life is but a dream!

Having a cool notebook is pretty essential to writing as well. Here are some dope notebooks I have been eyeing!


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