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LOSTBOY : The Lost Conversation

Dom Ellis Lost Boy

Interview and Photos by Dom Ellis

Circa Unknown ('15)

How would you describe your art?

A visceral experience and it’s my opportunity to take up as much space as I can, and I quite literally do and figuratively with my work.

In your work you use a lot of lines and space tell me about what it adds to your pieces.

Back story in my education, I got into Cal-Arts for animation and I dropped out because animating is a lot more difficult than you’d think. I started studied illustration in Portland and it was just one assignment, ‘use lines to convey agony, anger and happiness’. It was a typical 101 illustration project so I just started filling up these small spaces with texture and lines. I haven't stopped since and that was the catalyst for my lines.

What type of things do you think about when you’re creating?

Past relationships and my childhood a lot; I like to have something art related in the background. I have this fascination with art documentaries so I’ll have Exit Through the Gift Shop going in the back. I don’t even have to listen to it anymore I know it by heart.

Dom Ellis Lost Boy

We talk about what the lines mean to the piece but tell me about the negative space and what property it holds?

I tapped into what depression, what it looks like and what it feels like and sometimes that adds to the work.

You spoke about coming out, how does it feel when you’re releasing that energy on your work?

It was completely art therapy. As of late I have been more open in my art and it feels like I have no boundaries. The more I draw the less I hold back. I could fill up this whole room. Now it’s just about me accepting that my art is worth the space.

What mediums do you use?

Gel pens and cardboard mostly; I’ve used charcoal and pencil as well as fabric and canvas.

Where is your art up?

I had my first show at the Betti Ono gallery in Oakland last year. I was a part of the Queer National Arts Festival. I have my work up in a coffee shop in Pasadena and I am a part of the RAW Artist events in Downtown LA. I have a show on June 10th at Exchange LA.

Dom Ellis Lost Boy Interview

What do you want to accomplish through your art?

I felt so alone, so I feel like I put my art out there for people to connect to. If someone takes a positive spin off of a drawing or painting that would be ideal. Also just to keep happy. We all need to survive in our ways and I think doing Art is the only way I can.


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