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Bleu Dream and Sigmund Freud

Hey Ya'll

So I've been in studio since January and things are feeling cool. I am in a position where I am putting more time into my craft and honing in on my central thesis. I have taken a step back from writing in the sense that I haven't dropped an interview in a while (like two years), but only because I've always wanted to create an editorial experience. I still sharpen my writing skills by reading so I figured I should focus in on the visual aspect of things. Relaying the message via images would add immense amounts of character to what I to create.

I want to create...

Something that's visceral and leaps off the page. I want the pages I grace to hit home for some kid out there. That creative spark if nothing else.

I've been reading the works of Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche and I started to reimagine the world around me. Dreams started to transcend the normal boundaries of my perception. This is footage from my first lucid dream I call... Bleu Dream

Cold Case Copyright Dom Ellis


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