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Steppin' Outta My Comfort Zone

Yesterday I went outdoors (for once) to shoot with a good friend of mine Matty Motivate. We met up in Hollywood with our cameras for an impromptu shoot. We chopped it up about life and bullshitted around Sunset but we ultimately came out with a few good shots. It goes to show that being around the right people always pays off in spades.

It's tough to always be behind the lens yet have a personality that protrudes the screen. It's like being a huge critic and having to critique yourself for once.

However, Doing what I feel is tough or scary or unorthodox has been apart of my mission in 2016. Stepping outside of my comfort zone.

It's an unsure place to be. Here. Out in the open. In front of a lens. But this is what life is about. Getting over what makes you feel weird and love doing it because, Lookout! Another obstacle!

Here are the results from my session:


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