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Focus and Resilience

Focus and Resilience

By Dom Ellis

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”


This year I have gotten to work with some awesome photographers, producers, and directors. Two traits they all have in common are focus and resilience.

I realized they all follow a simple formula to fulfill their goals:

  • Focus in on a dream

  • Break dreams down into small specific goals

  • Research and develop a plan

  • Utilize plan relentlessly

  • Analyze results and scale up

The key to knocking out big goals is small incremental goals. Think of your dreams like a war, you’ll appreciate the small wins when your morale is low and you’ll always have a positive platform to launch from if you consistently win.

It’s also easy to focus on small goals that can be knocked out in a week; those really add up in the long run.

When making plans that include your health wealth love and happiness you’ve gotta account for the unaccountable: the wind, taxes, overdraft fees. On the road to success there will be a million and one setbacks but you have to have resilience. My photographer mentors stay calm in the clutch, keep everything in perspective and learn from adversity. They’ve been through the worst possible scenarios and came out better because of them.


These are lessons I take in everyday as I work on my own projects. Sometimes in the thick of it all it is easier to get discouraged than it is to get motivated but life is a marathon and in reality the small shit doesn’t really matter.


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