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Save Room For Dessert

Save Room For Dessert

By Dom Ellis

When you first visit Hollywood you only see the tourist attractions and eat at the hyper-hyped restaurants. However, once you tap into the real Hollywood you start to find the gems!

I recently found a gem restaurant just off Sunset blvd, sick chef driven menu with a swanky vibe, and on the low I’ve become a regular. I hit up the happy hours, grab quick lunches, and do courses for dinner. The thing that fascinates me more than the lofty vibe, is the people, and particularly, how they eat. The restaurant is home to Hollywood execs and a slew of actors and artist. They all have one thing in common: They leave a little food on each plate.

The common paradigm that execs and actors leave a bit of each course untouched taught me three life lessons I found relatable to work, love and overall happiness (especially in LA).

  1. Follow a Spartan Diet

  2. Learn to Let Go

  3. Mind Your Own Courses

Follow a Spartan Diet

If you’ve ever seen the movie 300 you know the Spartans were bad asses always ready for war. From breakfast to dinner they kept the habit of eating the ‘perfect’ amount. Just enough to satisfy hunger but sure not to overindulge. Work and Art is war sometimes you can’t go back to your post all bloated and sluggish. Not only are you vulnerable but out of your lethargy you are letting personal responsibilities and opportunities slip by. Never be overfull of food or opportunities.

Learn to Let Go

Sometimes an exec ,out of hunger, orders an extra appetizer but by the time their main course comes that ,say, plate of sushi is all soggy from soy sauce. Instead of hoarding the plate and picking the seared salmon off the top like I would, they let the waiter remove their small plates.

Sure it seems like a waste of food, but to relate it to the Hollywood mindset, sometimes you gets so many opportunities that you can feel as though you can do anything, when in reality the competition wins when you reach outside of your scope. Again you’re vulnerable. Holding on to every stale little opportunity totally blocks you off from the big steaming hot garlicky opportunities.

Mind Your Own Courses

Every now and then it’ll be someone's birthday or some special celebration (bachelorette party) and they’ll order a sizzling entree or a cake with a sparkler. The real bosses aren’t vexed by the sparkly opportunities on someone else's table

Even at their own table. The appetizers are for sharing and the main dish is for the individual. Don’t go picking on someone else’s plate when your plate is full.


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